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About Me

I’ve been passionate about fashion my whole life, and a professional since 2007. 

My experience in the Fashion System as Product Developer for Valentino Garavani begins in 2007, after graduating in Fashion Management at the Marangoni Istituto in Milan.

I was then put in charge of the first Pret à Porter, segment Tailoring and embroidery line. 

I was enthusiastic about the "behind the scenes role”, that of “Who creates”.

Having been born into the multi generational profession of fabrics, yarns and accessories, it has always been a part of my life.

In 2010 I joined the Family Business, specializing as Product Developer in Tricot. 

Since 2017 I dedicate my experience and knowhow to develop The Knitwear of Fashion Companies.

Knitwear is a small supply chain that starts from the design, which through the yarn, leads to the finished garment. A practical and very inspiring dynamic process. 

Passion drives me to learn and absorb as much as possible from what surrounds me.

I dedicate a great deal of time searching for new, innovative and original techniques to create one of a kind pieces that materialize from the ideas of the designers.

I love beautiful things and think highly of the trade mark

Made in Italy. 

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